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August 12, 2011


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Thanks for your article. I, like other people, struggle when trying to think
up ideas for presents to purchase. I gather that a
lot of women desire unusual womens' gifts kind of things so I will look out for something like that. I'll come back again


The instructions are clear and precise. The results, amazing.

Carolyn J Gardner

I have been wanting to do something like this! I purchased Staz On ink pads after doing some checking around about how to stamp on glass tiles, but thinking about making my own dishes opens a world of possibilities!


These dishes are just wonderful, they look like Polish Pottery. Excellent!


Hi Elizabeth,
On flat surfaces like tiles or inside of plates, the fabric stamps should work fine. On curves (inner or outer) the tiny fabric stamps will most likely work best. I tried the Sadie's Pinafore fabric stamp set and it worked great on bisque. Good luck! Susan


We have a local 'paint your own pottery' store. I can't wait to try this. Would your stamps that I bought for fabric work well? This looks so lovely; what a great technique for unique gifts!

Julie Hepper

Love! Love! Love! These dishes are adorable!


You are amazing! Just when I think you can't come up with one more fabulous idea... This looks beautiful!!!


What beautiful dishes!


Susan, I am just beginning to see how truly unique your stamps are! I spend a LOT (I would hate to admit how much) time looking at card designs on the internet and I can honestly say no one seems to be using peg stamp techniques. It seems like everyone is focused on digital stamps, which are cute, but I think they lack the intricate designs that can be achieved with peg stamps. It just makes me fall in love again with your stamps. I just can't seem to clear my wish list...LOL


Oh I wish you would make the pottery! I would definitely be there to buy some :)


Yes! I think it will work just fine. As long as the kiln will reach 1828 degrees F., it can be used. Can't wait to see what you do with the stamps on bisque!

Sue Newstead

I have a friend with a kiln used for fused glass....would this work do you think?

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